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These prices include free pickup, anywhere in ct, for over 100 lbs.*

We will weigh your wire on the spot with NTEP certified scales.

We will pay you CA$H on the spot.

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* $25 gas charge for loads less than 100lbs

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Monday-Friday  8:00am -4:30pm

Saturday            8:00am -12:00pm

Sunday              Closed

Pickups available:

Monday-Friday  9:00am -3:30pm


Over 5000 lb's/month? click here

Over 5000 lb's/month? click here

Cable Management's summer hours:
Monday -CLOSED
Tuseday-Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday 8:00am- 12:00 noon

Because of the recent volatility of the markets, please call to verify prices.



#1 BARE BRIGHT WIRE   2.83 BARE BRIGHT COPPER wire shall consist of bright copper wire only. Shall NOT have tarnished or green copper.  (no pipe) 
#1 CU BARE   2.68 #1 COPPER shall consist of clean wire that is free of lead, paint  or solder (may contain tarnished or green copper)
#1 CU PIPE  2.68 #1 Copper pipe (tubing) shall consist of clean copper without fittings and must be 3ft or less. Any longer than 3ft will be classified as #2 pipe 
#2 Bare TIN CU 2.53 #2 COPPER TIN COATED shall consist of tin plated copper wire and/or bussbar 
#2 CU PIPE 2.43 #2 Copper pipe (tubing) shall constist of copper fittings, pipe with fittings, green or painted pipe or any pipe that is longer that 3ft.(-.25 cent deduction for brass fittings) 
ALARM 1.05 ALARM WIRE shall be solid 16awg or greater  (Red wire) containing 2 or more solid conductors 
AL-BX 0.60 ALUMINUM BX Wire shall consist of aluminum casing and copper conductors Inside, free of tin coated wires (add.10-.20 cents if closer to the larger range)
ALUM/COPPER RADIATOR (CLEAN) 1.12 Aluminum finns on copper pipe (no steel at all)
ALUM/COPPER RADIATOR (DIRTY) 0.93 Aluminum finns on copper pipe (steel ends only) deduct -.50 cents for more steel 
AUTO HARNESS CLEAN 0.80 Clean auto harness wire (no looms or heavy plugs)
AUTO HARNESS DIRTY 0.71 Dirty auto harness wire loom and plugs acceptable.
BARE AL. 0.50 BARE ALUMINUM (casing, luggs, fixtures, wire) less .25 for steel
INS-AL  0.25 INSULATED ALUMINUM wire (pay.05-.10 cents more if closer to the larger range)
BRASS (CLEAN) 1.64 Clean brass (no steel) -.10 cents less if contains some steel
BRASS (DIRTY) 1.54 Dirty brass (contains some steel)
BRASS SHELL 1.31 Brass from bullet shells (no shotgun shells)
IRONY BRASS 1.16 Brass that has a lot of steel
BALLASTS 0.13 BALLASTS from lighting fixtures shall be non pcb or liquid filled (solid state only) 
BIG THHN 2.13 BIG THHN wire shall be 500 mcm or greater (add .05-.15 cents if closer to the larger range) 
BIG TIN-C 1.80 BIG TIN COATED wire shall be 500 mcm or greater ( add .10-.20 cents if closer to the larger range)
BURNT/ENAMEL COATED #2 WIRE (CLEAN) 2.28 burnt or enameled burnt copper wire
CHRISTMAS LIGHTS 0.26 christmas lights
COAX 0.40 copper coaxial wires 
COPPER RADIATOR (ALL COPPER) 2.28 all copper radiator (no steel)
HELIAX BIG 0.80 BIG copper Heliax wire 
HELIAX MED. 0.80 MED copper Heliax wire 
LG WIRE 0.66 LOW GRADE wire shall be wires that are fine strands, tin coated,extension chords etc. (Christmas lights are -.40cent less) 
MED THHN 1.84 MEDIUM THHN wire shall be #6- 400 mcm (add a .05-.15 cents if its closer to the larger range)
MED TIN-C 1.50 MEDIUM TIN COATED wire shall be #6-400mcm (add .10-20 cents if closer to the larger range)
ROMEX 1.33 ROMEX wire shall be #14 awg-#8awg ( add .10-20 cents if larger)
ST-BX 0.25 STEEL BX wire shall consist of steel casing and copper conductors inside, Tin coated conductors allowed ( pay only .10 cents if there is boxes in the mix)
TELCO 0.86 TELCO wire shall be free of tin coated wire and braided coax wire. ( add .05-.15 cents if closer to the larger range)
THHN 1.59 THHN wire shall be #16awg-#8awg free of thick jacket insulation
TIN COATED 0.68 Tinned coated wire small double insulated 
TELCO JELLY WIRE (LARGE) 0.76 Large Jelly filled telco wire
TELCO JELLY WIRE (SMALL) 0.66 Small Jelly filled telco wire